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How to make a festive floral arrangement


This Christmas themed floral decoration is easy to make and would grace any table or hallway.

To make this you'll need:

  • Floral foam
  • a posy dish
  • waterproof oasis tape
  • florist wire
  • a wide candle
  • a selection of greenery and flowers. For this decoration we used aralia leaves, spruce and holly for foliage, plus hypericum, red roses and gerberas for colour.

Step 1
Place wet foam inside a posy dish.

Step 2
Cut a strip of oasis tape to fit your candle. Cut four equal pieces of florist wire and stick at intervals along the tape.

Step 3
Wrap the oasis tape and wire around your candle so that the wire sticks out of the bottom – use the wire to stick the candle into your floral foam.

Step 4
Use oasis tape to stick the wet block to the posy dish.

Step 5
Use greenery to cover the foam block.

Step 6
Add in statement flowers such as red roses or gerberas. You can also use florist wire to add in other seasonal touches like cinnamon sticks or pine cones.