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Make your own Pom Pom Robin

Image of Robin-Pom-Pom.jpg for Make your own Pom Pom Robin

Bob, bob, bobbin along...our Pom Pom Robin is a great decoration for winter and super easy to make.

What you’ll need:

  • Fluffy wool/yarn - we used brown, fluffy white and red
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard - box type card rather than paper card.
  • A cup and a 2p piece
  • A smaller cup and 1p piece
  • Pencil
  • Googly eyes
  • Yellow felt - for his beak

What to do:

  1. First, draw a circle on your card by drawing around your larger cup
  2. Next, take your 2p piece and place that in the centre of the circle you’ve just drawn and draw round it - you should end up with a doughnut shape on your card.
  3. Cut this out carefully, including the middle, so you are left with a doughnut shape.
  4. At any point within the doughnut circle, cut out a small section/slit - this is so you’ll be able to wind your wool around the circle.
  5. Take your left over card and place your cut out doughnut shape onto it and draw around it - you need to make another one exactly the same shape and size.
  6. Once you have your two doughnut shapes put one on top of the other - you don’t need to stick them together, just hold them in place.
  7. Next, take your red wool and wind it half way around your doughnut shape - make sure the cardboard is covered and its all looking neat and tight.
  8. Then, take your white fluffy wool and wind it a quarter of the way around your doughnut shape, over the top of your red wool. You should now have a quarter of white wool showing and a quarter of red wool showing.
  9. Take your brown wool and wind it around the half of the doughnut where your red and white wool is - make sure the red and white is all covered by the brown. This should leave you with one half of your doughnut covered and the other half still bare cardboard.
  10. Onto the empty side - cover half of this with your white fluffy wool, then cover over entirely with the brown wool. Now you should have a full doughnut shape covered in brown wool.
  11. Next, take your scissors and VERY carefully slide them in between the two pieces of cardboard and start cutting the wool all the way round the edge. As you cut, the little strands of wool will start to ping out, so keep a tight hold on your Pom Pom so you don’t loose any.
  12. Once you’ve cut all the way round, keep hold of your Pom Pom in one hand and take a string of your brown wool from the main ball, slide this between the two pieces of cardboard, bring then ends round to the opposite side and tie in a knot in the middle of your Pom Pom - this knot will keep your Pom Pom together so make sure it’s tight.
  13. Bring your tie around to the opposite side of your Pom Pom and tie it again - just to be on the safe side.
  14. Now you can remove the cardboard pieces - they should just pull off the sides of your Pom Pom.
  15. TA DAH - you now have your Robin body! Give it a bit of a fluff to make sure it all falls into shape and the red tummy and fluffy white bottom are in the right places. If you have any loose or long ends, just tidy them up with the scissors.
  16. Next we’re onto the head of your Robin - you’ll need to follow the same steps as above to make your doughnut shapes out of your card, but this time you need to use a smaller cup and a 1p piece as your head needs to be smaller than your body.
  17. Once you’ve got your new doughnut shape ready, this time we’re just using the brown wool - simply wrap it around the doughnut shape nice and tight and neat until it’s completely covered.
  18. Repeat steps 12-15 and you should end up with a little brown Pom Pom, which will be your Robin’s head.
  19. You can then either sew your Robin’s head to it’s body....or you can use some glue.
  20. Once it’s secure, stick some goggly eyes on him and then cut out two small yellow triangles from your felt to make his beak, then stick it on too.
You can make almost anything out of Pom Pom’s - why not try a snowman or a different type of bird or even a penguin!
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