The Lincoln Science and Innovation Park

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We joined forces with the University of Lincoln to build a world-class science and innovation park off Tritton Road in Lincoln.

The multi-million pound development is now home to some of the finest scientific minds and most innovative high-tech businesses in the UK.

Offering world class laboratories and research facilities, bringing education and industry together on one site, when completed the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park (LSIP) will be a focal point for innovation and investment in science and technology across the region.

The first phase saw the opening of the Joseph Banks Laboratories which houses the University of Lincoln’s School of PharmacySchool of Life Sciences and its new School of Chemistry. The centrepiece building welcomed its first students in September 2014 and three Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacists currently teach on the course, which is innovative because it offers the chance to learn patient-facing skills alongside the chemistry of medicines.

Pharmacy staff

Working closely with the School of Pharmacy is a mutually beneficial arrangement; at Lincolnshire Co-op we’ll be providing help, advice and work experience to students and career opportunities to graduates in our pharmacies. In return, the School of Pharmacy will offer continuous professional development for our pharmacists.

Property and partnership enquiries

In addition to the academic buildings, the site will boast a wealth of amenities and extensive services, offices and laboratories, as well as a 5-acre plot of development land for single occupancy tenants and owner occupiers.

LSIP will be the prime engineering, technology and development site in Lincoln in the first half of the 21st century and is keen to engage like-minded businesses at the earliest opportunity.

Property and partnership enquiries should be directed to the LSIP Director, Thomas Blount, at

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