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Helping charities and community groups

From fundraising campaigns and volunteering to providing local services and sharing your stories, here’s how we’re supporting local charities and community groups…

Helping Charities And Community Groups 2

Odd pence

Each year members receive a dividend bonus and you can choose to donate the odd pence to local groups and charities, in 2020 this added up to over £19,000.

To donate your odd pence, follow the 4 easy steps below.

1. Log into your member account using the sign in button or by clicking here.

2. Scroll down the 'My details' page.

3. Tick the box next to the wording 'I wish to donate the odd pence from my dividend bonus...'

4. Click 'update details' and you're done!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Community Champions

Community Champion is our way of giving back to our local communities. Each year, with your help, we support hundreds of local charities and community groups raising money from £200 - £100,000.

We change the charities each quarter to give plenty of charities and causes a chance. Find out how to apply and who we’re currently supporting here.


We’re keen to make a difference in our local communities – that’s why we offer each colleague the chance to spend up to 2 days a year doing paid volunteering. Our Engagement Team will agree the project and arrange for a team of colleagues to undertake the work – click here to find out more.

As well as bringing a team of colleagues to help, we’re also proud to work in partnership with groups to run community volunteering activities such as clean ups, where we invite the public to join in as well. If you’d like to work with us on a community volunteering event then email

Community Noticeboard

Our community noticeboard gives you the chance to read about some of the brilliant things that are happening right now in your communities and about some of the amazing groups and volunteers.

Check out the noticeboard here.

Community Support Policy

As a local co-operative business, supporting local charities and groups is a fundamental part of how we’re making life better in our communities.

Our Community Support Policy outlines how we give support and who we give support to, read the policy here. If you have any questions, then please contact the Community team on 01522 544632 or email

NHS charities

In May 2020, Lincolnshire Co-op kicked off a fundraising campaign for local NHS charities.

Money was raised through colleague rainbow-themed dressing up, a virtual quiz with hosts from across the Society and customers were able to give at the till during the campaign. Members of Lincolnshire Co-op were also able to donate their dividend.

A total of £17,808 was raised thanks to Lincolnshire Co-op colleagues and customers.

Find out how the money raised will help the charities here.


One way Lincolnshire Co-op supports the community is to run vital services. We currently run 3 libraries in Waddington, Spilsby and Holbeach.

All of the libraries are supported by teams of dedicated volunteers from the local area.

Discover more about our libraries here.