Personal touches

Blubell Woods

A funeral should be as special as the life you’re remembering.

Our colleagues can help you personalise every part of the funeral to make sure it’s unique and best reflects your loved one.


We operate a high quality and meticulously maintained fleet of funeral vehicles for the comfort and convenience of our clients.

Our limousines will seat six persons in comfort and we can arrange any transport requirements for disabled people.

For those seeking something traditional, we’re able to provide a range of horse-drawn hearses, all turned out in full livery. For funerals of motorcycle enthusiasts, we offer a motorcycle-hearse service. There are many more possible options, from a double decker bus to a fire engine hearse.

Talk to the team at your nearest funeral home about what you’d like. We’ll do our very best to arrange it.

Green funerals

Many people are now seeking ways to lessen their impact on the environment and funerals are no exception.

Advice and information is available at all our funeral homes on woodland burials, eco coffins and other funeral related ‘green’ issues.

Music, readings and other touches

Music for a funeral service can be a very personal choice. It may be something chosen by the deceased before they died or chosen by the family who may best remember their loved one through the lyrics or melody.

Hymns or other types of music are usually played at the start of the service, during the service for a period of reflection, and a final piece to end the service - we can arrange for specialist music too, from bagpipes to brass bands.

Our colleagues can help you with appropriate readings and can also talk you through the many other special touches we can add to your ceremony, such as a release of white doves.

Floral tributes and memorials

Our florists can create beautiful bespoke funeral and memorial flowers, designed with care and attention. Have a look at just some of our range of floral tributes

We also employ memorial masons who use traditional handcarving and state-of-the-art technology to produce unique and personal memorials.

Coffins, caskets and urns

There are different types of coffins, caskets and urns available for all budgets. As with all elements of our service, we can make help you make the right choice for your loved one. Have a look at the range here.

Personal Touches