We're proud to stock products carrying the Fairtrade mark - but what does Fairtrade mean?

"Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love."

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Fairtrade is all about:

  • Better prices
  • Decent working conditions
  • Local sustainability 
  • Giving producers a voice

 Buying Fairtrade goods gives producers in developing countries a better price and means their communities benefit from a Fairtrade premium. The Fairtrade Premium is an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use to improve social, economic and environmental conditions in their communities.

When you buy a product with the Fairtrade Mark in our stores, you can be reassured it’s been produced in a way that puts people first.

How do we support Fairtrade? 💚

We first introduced Fairtrade products in every store way back in 1998.  Since then, more and more everyday items and indulgent treats have been added to the range. From chocolate Easter eggs to fresh roses and lots more.

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Our Fairtrade focus is on selling more of seven key categories - coffee, flowers, tea, cocoa, wine, bananas and sugar.

Where our products contain coffee, cocoa, bananas and tea as ingredients, we ensure that Fairtrade producers benefit.

All own-brand chocolate confectionary is Fairtrade so next time you reach for a chocolatey treat, look out for the Fairtrade logo – your purchase will be helping the producers continue to grow their businesses.

Fairtrade baking 🍰

Just by baking a cake, you can make a difference to the lives of others. Why not whip out the apron, dust off the mixing bowl and get your wooden spoons at the ready? We’ve got some tempting treats to inspire you…

Chocolate and banana crepe cake

Ultimate vegan chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate and banana loaf cake

Spiced red wine brownies

Find out more about Fairtrade on the official website here:


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