Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of members and any eligible member can stand for election to the board. Elections take place in May every year and members are given a chance to vote through the tills at many of our trading outlets, including all food stores.

Web Julia Romney

Julia Romney

Title: President

Web Stephen Hughes

Steve Hughes

Job: Retired pharmacist

Title: Vice President

Web Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker

Job: Engineer

Title: Director

Web Mark Bowen

Mark Bowen

Job: Enterprise Development Manager

Title: Director

Jane Moate Web

Jane Moate

Job: Retired bank manager

Title: Director

Web Peter Gault

Peter Gault

Job: Bakery Manager

Title: Director

Web Reverend Barbara Hutchinson

Reverend Barbara Hutchinson

Job: Hospital Chaplain

Title: Director

Web David Maltby

David Maltby

Job: Retired company director

Title: Director

Web Susan Neal

Sue Neal

Job: Phlebotomist

Title: Director

John Levine 4

John Levine

Job: Retired Chartered Accountant

Title: Director

Margaret Tranter

Margaret Tranter

Job: Retired Accounts Supervisor

Title: Director