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Become a circus juggler in 7 steps

Image of Juggling-balls.jpg for Become a circus juggler in 7 steps

Juggling is easy peasy once you get the hang of the basics...but looks fantastic when you're showing family and friends!

Follow our 7 easy steps to get you started...

  1. If you're a beginner maybe start with some beanbags or very light balls. You'll need 3 of them and best not to stand near anything breakable as you will drop or throw them all over the place to begin with.
  2. Start with one ball and pass it from one hand to the other making sure you throw it up to eye height or higher. Keep your elbows by your hips and try to stay still other than your arms.
  3. Practice scooping - when you're passing the ball from one hand to the other, use a scooping motion just before you throw it in the air.
  4. Now, take two balls - one in each hand. Throw ball A up and when it reaches the top of it's arc, throw ball B up - each ball should land in the opposite hand from which you've town it. You'll need to practice this a few times.
  5. Juggling 3 balls...start slowly and take lots of practice...first hold two balls in your right hand and one in your left (vice versa if you're left handed). Throw one ball (ball 1) from your right hand to your left hand - again making sure it reaches eye height as it goes. When this ball reaches the top of it's arc, throw the ball in your left hand (ball 2) under the first ball into your right hand.
  6. When ball 2 is at its highest point of the arc, throw ball 3 under ball 2. Ball 1 should be caught in your left hand at the same time.
  7. When ball 2 is in your right hand, just catch ball 3, then repeat!

Don't worry, this is of course a famous circus trick and sometimes take people a lot of attempts to get it right. Keep practicing and eventually you will get it and once you have, you can move onto more complication tricks or more balls!

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