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Spooky skeleton snack servers


Staying at home for Halloween just become so much more skele-fun with these spooky servers to hold all your snacks! 💀


  • A plastic bowl - doesn't matter what colour or style, just as long as it's not too heavy 🥣
  • Two toy skeletons - we got ours from a local craft shop for a couple of pounds 💀
  • Glue - we used a glue gun for this but you can easily use normal uPVC glue in either clear or white
  • Scissors
  • Paint - if you want to make your skeletons a different colour or effect


  1. If you'd like to paint or decorate your skeletons, start with this and make sure they're completely dry before you go to step 2. 
  2. If you have a skeleton that has moveable arms and legs; move them so the skeleton is in a sitting position with their arms raised up. You might need to put a spot of glue on the arm and leg joints so they stay in this position. 
  3. If you have a skeleton that doesn't have moveable arms and legs; take your scissors and very carefully cut off both arms and legs at the joints. You'll then need to glue these back on into the sitting position. Be careful with this - you might need an adult to help you.
  4. Do the same with the other skeleton you have. 
  5. Once both skeletons are in the sitting position, glue them together, back to back and make sure the glue completely dries. 
  6. Next, take your plastic bowl and sit on on top of your skeletons, gently squeezing it between their raised hands - you might need a little glue on the skeleton's hands to hold it in place and stop if popping off the top, but if it sits nicely then you can easily top up your treats without taking the skeletons back and forth to the kitchen. 
  7. Finally, fill your bowl with some healthy treats - too many sweet treats will see a queue of ghosts and ghouls trying to take them!