How does Community Champions work?

Community Champions are voted for by our staff and members and they are chosen for a three month period (a quarter). As a member every time you shop and use your dividend card we give a donation to your local Community Champion. 

We also add in our other fundraising efforts and proceeds from the carrier bag charge so that we can raise fantastic amounts of money! 

If you want to know who your latest Community Champion is then you can look on your till receipt, on the stand in your local branch or find out more here.

Each quarter will have a theme – all things that are important to us such as health, environment, community groups and local causes.

  • Dec/Jan/Feb - The local causes quarter will see us supporting a local topical or social need and could be just one charity or a group of charities. Members will get the chance to vote for this at the Members day in June.
  • Mar/Apr/May – The health quarter will be supporting a health related cause, working with one or multiple charities. 
  • Jun/Jul/Aug - The environment quarter will be supporting one or a group of charities around a theme such as woodland, wildlife or waterways.  
  • Sep/Oct/Nov - Our community quarter will be supporting local charities and community groups. Groups can apply throughout the year and then voting will be at members’ forums in March. Why not come along to choose the Community Champions for your area?

Money raised for each of these quarters will come from multiple sources such as:

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