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We charge 5p for every single-use carrier bag that a customer uses. 

We introduced the charge after changes in the law came into force in autumn 2015. Since then, carrier bag use in our food stores has reduced by more than 70 per cent.

The proceeds, around £3,000 a week, are added into our Community Champions pot which is shared between local good causes. 

During the year, we will have a period when we will be specifically raising money for environmental causes through Community Champions. 

We’d love to hear from environmental groups who could benefit from the scheme. Just drop us a line at or call the Community team on (01522) 544632. 

We also have a selection of bags for life for people to buy and reuse including an expandable bottomed bag for life, foldaway bags and a wine carrier. Our food stores and pharmacies will be selling bags for life.
More about our policy on carrier bag charges...

  • The aim of the legislation is to reduce bag usage. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to charge for ALL single use carrier bags - even if they contain uncooked meat. All of our meat is prepacked and therefore shouldn't need any additional packaging.
  • Our stance on this is the same as all other major retailers. 
  • Bags intended to be used solely to contain wholly or partly unwrapped food are not chargeable. This includes items purchased loose from in store bakeries or deli counters (which will be packaged by counter staff). However, if anything else is added to the bag it becomes chargeable.
  • If a customer requests one we can provide a 'barrier bag'. These are small produce bags with no handles which are free to a customer if they are used for food safety / contamination control purposes.

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