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Car parking FAQs

Answers to common questions about using Lincolnshire Co-op car parks.

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Although we would prefer not to need to issue parking tickets, in some cases parking control is necessary to ensure that our car parks remain safe, are not abused and are available for use by those for whom they are intended. 

Where car parks are next to retail facilities they are provided for the benefit of customers using that facility and it is important for the businesses that rely on them that spaces are available for their customers to park rather than being taken by those parking whilst working at, or visiting, locations elsewhere.

Similarly we try to ensure that parking is available for disabled people and we ask that able bodied drivers respect that wide disabled bays are needed by those with mobility difficulties.  In locations where we have found that unfortunately this is not respected parking control has been introduced to try to ensure that disabled spaces are used only by the disabled, who are asked to display their blue badge as identification. 

No money is made by Lincolnshire Co-op as a result of the issuing of parking tickets; parking control is used only to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our properties.

Details of how to appeal are stated on the ticket itself. 

If it was issued by UKCPS they can be contacted by writing to UKCPS Ltd, 1200 Century Way, Thorpe Park Business Park, Colton, Leeds LS15 8ZA. 

Please note they will not discuss cases on the telephone and appeals must be made to them in writing.  Further information can be found on their website.

In most cases, if asked, they will be able to provide photographic evidence of the parking infringement which may help you to understand why the ticket was issued. 

UKCPS have clear instructions on why tickets should be issued at each site they manage and the parking conditions are clearly displayed on signs at each site where they operate. 

Lincolnshire Co-op will not interfere in the appeals process once a ticket has been issued and all correspondence should be sent to UKCPS directly. 

If you are unhappy with the response that you receive any further complaints should be addressed to POPLA, the independent appeals body who deal with issues relating to parking on private land. Further information is available on their website

Parking tickets are never welcome and it is a natural reaction for people to want to complain when they have received one.  

We currently use UKCPS to patrol most of the sites that we manage where parking control is necessary as Lincolnshire Co-op is not a specialist in this field. 

UKCPS are members of the Independent Parking Committee Approved Operator Scheme, are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and are members of the British Parking Association, the Safer Contractor and Contractor Plus Schemes.

Their staff are fully trained and comply with all relevant regulations.

Yes. Once contractual warning signs are put up and an authority agreement is provided to the parking control company by the landowner or their agent, it's legal for the parking control company to levy a parking charge to motorists in accordance with those signs.

By parking on land subject to parking control, a driver enters into a contract as indicated on the signs displayed at the site. When a ticket has been issued, the parking control company is entitled to pursue the driver (and in certain circumstances the Registered Keeper of the vehicle) for payment, taking legal action if necessary. Those in receipt of parking charges do have a legal right of appeal and the parking charge notice gives full details of this.

At Lincolnshire Co-op, when we feel that it is necessary to introduce parking control on our sites, we do try to ensure that the signage displayed is clear and prominent.  We don't want our customers to incur parking charges but unfortunately, to ensure that our sites remain safe and accessible to as many customers as possible, we do have to control their use.

We have different restrictions depending on the site and the issues we are trying to address.

In some sites, we ask that customers don't leave the site. In others, there may be a time restriction. Both are designed to ensure there is space in the car park for our customers or those of our tenants.

We also have sites where we have a 'no parking' rule. This might be because we need access over the land, or perhaps our tenants do. We also make sure all our car parks are properly maintained and land we haven't designated as a car park many not meet our standards.


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