Car parking

Car Parks

We have car parking facilities at many of our outlets and properties.

They're there for our customers, for people using services provided by our tenants and for our residential tenants. We let some car parks to major operators and have some parking spaces to rent.

In many of our sites, we have parking controls in place. We'd prefer not to, but we've found that it's necessary to ensure they are accessible for those who need them. Our FAQs have details about what restrictions we have.

Lincolnshire Co-op's isn't a specialist in car parking so we do subcontract parking controls out to a company called UKCPS. We don't make any revenue from tickets.

Tickets are issued by UKCPS, not by Lincolnshire Co-op. If you have received a ticket and think you shouldn't have done, you will need to appeal to the UKCPS direct as we can't cancel any charges. Find out how here.

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Car parking FAQs

Answers to common questions about using Lincolnshire Co-op car parks.

Parking spaces - Newland, Lincoln

Parking spaces - Newland, Lincoln

Details of car parking spaces to let at Newland, Lincoln.

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