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Top tips for summer getaways


Temperatures are hot and the days are long – it can only mean that summer is here!

Work, school runs and daily life can all stop you from relaxing in the sun, but why let them?

There are plenty of beautiful and unusual destinations perfect for soaking up warm weather. Here’s where Liz White and her Tritton Road Travel team suggest for breath-taking, sunshine-filled breaks…

A spot of history

Mexico is an exhilarating mix of sun, sand and world famous archaeological sites, like the ruins at Chichen Itza (below).

A stepped pyramid known as El Castillo dominates the site alongside temples and other stone structures left by the ancient Mayan civilisation who once lived there.

There’s so much history to discover, it’s worth spending more time in the area.

You could take a small group tour with G Adventures from Antigua in Guatemala to Playa del Carmen in Mexico, with adventurous options for hiking, biking and rafting, or a more relaxed route including the ruins of Tikal and snorkelling with stingrays.

Unusual locations

Yearning for a holiday with the ultimate wow factor?

We love Cape Verde – it’s a little spot of paradise that offers vast stretches of sandy beaches. It’s also got a lively culture with a mix of Portuguese, African and Brazilian influences.

Or, you could bring back holiday pictures sure to impress with a visit to the Galapagos Islands. It’s one of the most fascinating areas in the world for wildlife, from marine iguanas to waved albatrosses. Live-aboard boats or cruises can take you across the sparkling waters to different island nature spots and beach drop-offs each day.

Exploration cruises like these and escorted tours are growing in popularity – they allow you to explore more unusual ports of call without unpacking your bags multiple times.

Classic destinations

Some locations and holidays are booked time and time again. It’s not a bad thing – it means they tick lots of boxes! The Canary Islands spring to mind – they include Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. The Balearic Islands with their sparkling waters and soft sand beaches also make classic summer getaways.

Want a laid-back trip? Mediterranean cruises cherry pick stunning destinations without the hassle of multiple hotels.

We love to book cruises and our cruise team can pass their knowledge of different trips, ship facilities and independent advice to you.

Exploring at home

Don’t forget, you can still soak up sunshine with something a little closer to home.

You can cruise around the British Isles exploring locations such as the Isle of Skye and Orkney Islands.

The UK is also perfect for an outdoor escape, whether you want a family beachfront holiday or forest adventure. Just pop into your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op travel branch and speak to our friendly colleagues today.

Chichen Itza