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Membership terms and conditions

Membership terms and conditions

Members of Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd agree to invest at least £1 in their share account (this will be taken automatically from the dividend bonus). They agree to be bound by the rules of the Society (rules available on request). They are 16 years old or over and subscribe to the aims and objectives of Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd. Dividend can be withdrawn, cancelled or varied at any time.

Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

For a copy of the rules please write to the Group Secretary at Lincolnshire Co-operative, Stanley Bett House, 15-23 Tentercroft Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DB or click here to email us.

Additional junior membership specific terms and conditions (members aged 15 years and under)

Membership for those aged 15 years and under is subject to the following age related criteria:

  • 11 years or under - become a member
  • 12-15 years - collect and redeem dividend, receive annual dividend bonus
  • 16-17 years - vote at members’ meetings and in the election for the Board of Directors (must have been a member for 6 months)
  • 18 years+ - stand for election to the Board of Directors

A junior member must be aged 15 years or under and subscribe to the aims and objectives of Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd. 

Under 16s cannot open a share account with the Society.

Dividend card terms and conditions

  1. The Lincolnshire Co-op dividend card is issued and remains the property of Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd (LCL). LCL reserves the right to decline, issue or withdraw the card at any time. 
  2. LCL reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the scheme or to terminate the scheme at any time without notice. 
  3. Only members of LCL may be issued with a dividend card. 
  4. Members agree to invest at least £1 in their share account. This will automatically be taken from the first dividend bonus.
  5. LCL dividend card is not transferable. 
  6. LCL dividend card can only be used in Lincolnshire Co-op stores.
  7. Dividend is issued at a rate*, as published from time to time.
  8. Dividend can only be redeemed by presenting the dividend card at point of payment for goods and services or payment into a share account at any members' help desk. 
  9. Dividend earned or redeemed will be set out on the relevant transaction till receipt, or can be viewed on your online account.
  10. Dividend bonus will be distributed to members as declared at the Annual Members’ Meeting. 
  11. LCL does not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged cards. If a card is lost, stolen or damaged, the member must contact the Membership team on 01522 781 135 immediately. We can only replace dividend lost as a result of theft which relates to transactions taking place after the dividend card has been reported missing.
  12. Members are required to advise any change of details to: Membership Team, Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd, 15-23 Tentercroft Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DB or email 
  13. Use of LCL dividend card is governed by LCL rules (available on request) which take precedence over these T&Cs in the event of conflict. 

For a copy of the rules please write to the Group Secretary, Lincolnshire Co-op, Stanley Bett House, 15-23 Tentercroft Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DB or email 

*Dividend is issued to members at the following rate:

Food - 1% on all purchases, 2% on Love Local products including Gadsby's bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables and Fairtrade products
Fuel - 1p for every 5 litres
Travel - 1%
Funerals - 5% including florist, funeral plans
Masonry - 2%
Pharmacy - 2% (over the counter products and private prescriptions only)
Podiatry - 2%
Coffee shops - 2%

Dividend issue rates correct as of April 2016.

Look out for extra dividend promotions to boost your balance throughout the year plus the dividend bonus in December each year.

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