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The importance of breakfast clubs


We've been working hard to raise funds for local primary school breakfast clubs through our Previous champions.

Food poverty - particularly relating to children's access to food - has been more widely discussed recently, with the emergence of national campaigns to tackle the issue.

We've been taking steps to end food poverty with a number of initiatives, including helping to set up and donating surplus food to FareShare Food Redistribution Hub, running seasonal campaigns to encourage donations, as well as providing food bank collection points in all our food stores.

Now, we're raising money for 190 primary school breakfast clubs to help ensure that local children have access to a healthy breakfast to start their day right. Although we're already on our way to raise a tremendous total, this campaign is so important we've guaranteed £250 to every participating club for September 2021. But why is this cause so important?

Check out these interesting facts about the importance of breakfast may be surprised!

Children studying at primary school

Breakfast clubs can help pupils concentrate and pay attention in class

According to a government study, pupils being hungry has been linked with poor concentration in class. Breakfast clubs can have positive impacts on pupils’ ability to concentrate, and pupils who have eaten breakfast are more prepared to learn.

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Some parents rely on breakfast clubs

In one study, 79 per cent of teachers said that a closure of their breakfast club will lead to difficulties for working parents who drop their children off before school hours. And 27 per cent of parents agreed, saying that the absence of the breakfast would mean at least one parent would be forced out of work.

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Breakfast clubs can help pupils’ social development

Eating breakfast together makes it easier for children to mix with other pupils who are not in the same classes as them and with children in different age groups. It can encourage more reserved pupils to talk to each other and to talk to staff, fostering new relationships.

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Breakfast clubs can help children make healthier choices

Due to a number of factors, many children may not have access to healthy breakfast foods that provide them with the nutrition they need to be their best. Children who skip breakfast are less likely to meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake. Irregular breakfast eating is also associated with a higher daily intake of unhealthy snack foods. Breakfast clubs are a great opportunity for pupils to make healthy choices for themselves.

Every time you shop with your dividend card in one of our outlets, a donation is made to our Community Champions scheme - you're helping us raise money for local breakfast clubs. Thank you!

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