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On the journey to healthy living


Two women say they’re thrilled with the results of a weight management programme at their local Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy after together losing more than five stone.  

The 12-week plan is completely free and helps people lose weight steadily and safely by following weekly information packs with healthy eating and calorie advice, exercise tips and a progress chart.

Health champions help people progress through the programme by giving weekly weigh-ins and continuous moral support. 

Now, pharmacy teams from Lincolnshire Co-op’s 49 branches are looking for more people to sign up and get healthier in 2018.

Here's some inspiration from  Stef (pictured middle) Sheryl (pictured above, second right), two participants who had support from our Spilsby Pharmacy...

From Couch to 5k 

Stef Round, a retired librarian from Eastville near Spilsby, dropped two and a half stone after seeing an unflattering photograph of herself. She lost a stone in two months by cutting out snacking and unhealthy foods, and then started the weight management programme in December 2016 to give her extra support.

 “I came to Spilsby Pharmacy to get help and support to carry on, as everyone says the first stone comes off the easiest,” she said.

“I found the weekly information leaflets enormously helpful, especially on things like 100 calorie snacks, along with the general encouragement from the pharmacy. I stuck a chart on the fridge so I could see on a weekly basis how well I was doing and cut out tips from the leaflets.

“I’ve always walked a lot but I also began going to the gym and playing badminton, and every day going out for a 15 minute very brisk walk. In five months in total, I lost two and a half stone and I dropped from a size 16 to a 12.

“There’s no pressure under the programme, it’s weekly and it’s free. I’m 60, so anybody can do it!” she added.

Fitter and happier  

Sheryl Rymer, 52 and from Halton Holegate near Spilsby, has lost three stone since signing up for the weight management programme in February 2017 at Lincolnshire Co-op’s Spilsby Pharmacy, after seeing a poster in the window. 

She’s lost an amazing seven inches from her waist, dropping from a size 22-24 to 16 on her top half and from a size 18 to 14 on her lower half, and her weight loss equates to almost 20 bags of sugar.

“My husband and I had been to Whitby and walked quite far, and he thought he was going to have to phone for an ambulance – I just couldn’t catch my breath. I hadn’t realised how unfit I’d become and I guessed a lot of it was down to being overweight,” she said.

“Simple things like going upstairs became harder. I felt like everything was grinding and my feet were becoming quite out-turned when I was walking. 

“The staff at Spilsby Pharmacy were really good and I didn’t feel like I was under pressure to succeed. I went in wanting to lose a stone and in actual fact I’ve lost three.”

Sheryl said she now feels much fitter and happier – and can keep up with the little ones she looks after at Toynton-All-Saints Primary School. 

“You can still eat what you like, just be sensible. Having a smaller plate and eating more slowly – they both work!” she added.

All 49 of Lincolnshire’s pharmacies offer the 12-week weight management plan. You can find your nearest here.