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Bring your own! 25p reward for reusable cups

Costa 25P Dividend Reusable Cup And Dividend Card Web
Costa 25P Dividend Costa Machine And Pos Web
Costa 25P Dividend Badge Web
Costa 25P Dividend Costa Machine And Customer Using Reusable Cup Web
Costa 25P Dividend Reusable Cup And Dividend Card Web Costa 25P Dividend Costa Machine And Pos Web Costa 25P Dividend Badge Web Costa 25P Dividend Costa Machine And Customer Using Reusable Cup Web

We're once again accepting reusable cups at our Costa Express machines!

Our colleagues are following strict cleaning and maintenance guidelines for our machines so you can be assured that they are safe to use with both the disposable cups and your own reusable ones. 

Unlike in coffee shops, when you purchase a drink from our Costa Express machines, no-one else handles it at any point and the cups don't touch the pouring mechanism. The disposable cups and lids are not touched by our colleagues either - they are placed in the machine with the plastic wrapping present and we've also removed the stirrers and napkins for hygiene purposes.

Customers who use Lincolnshire Co-op’s food stores are being encouraged to make a greener choice on the coffee run – they’ll be rewarded with 25p in extra dividend when they bring a reusable cup to fill up at Costa Express machines ☕

The Society has launched the scheme in a bid to help the environment 🌳 by reducing single-use cup waste and litter 🗑

It’s easy for dividend card holders to benefit – they just fill up their reusable cups at one of Lincolnshire Co-op’s 69 Costa Express machines, choose a hot drink from the selection, then take it to the till to pay. Colleagues will then add the extra dividend to the members’ card.

A customer who grabs a caffeine fix five days a week would save 260 single-use cups and would make an extra £65 in dividend a year, enough for 18 lunchtime meal deals 🥪

Someone who buys one hot drink a week using a reusable cup would save 52 single-use cups and make an extra £13 dividend a year, enough for a bottle of prosecco and other treats 🥂

Each Lincolnshire Co-op outlet with a Costa Express machine now has a range of rCups on sale, the world’s first reusable cup made from recycled single-use coffee cups. They also feature a clever, easy to use, leak-proof lid and an insulated body that keep drinks warm for up to an hour.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Store Development Manager Matthew Wilkinson is a member of the Society’s environment group, which looks at ways to make the business greener.

“We believe we’re the first Costa Express retailer nationally to offer a reward to our customers for choosing to use a reusable cup,” he said.
“Our Costa Express service is popular, particularly in our petrol stations, and it’s part of what makes us a successful convenience retailer. But as well as providing services our customers want, we also need to look after the local environment.
“We hope this incentive will encourage people to make the switch to reusable cups and reduce the number of single-use cups we issue.”

Lincolnshire Co-op has more than 280,000 dividend card holders who can benefit from this scheme and anyone can sign up to be a member. It’s free to join and takes a few minutes online or instore.


Lincolnshire Co-op members will received 25p dividend reward when purchasing any Costa Express drink in any reusable cup from selected Lincolnshire Co-op food stores. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the cup used is suitable for the size and temperature of drink being purchased. Lincolnshire Co-op reserve the right to amend or withdraw this promotion at any time.

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