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Funeral plans Q&As

October 2021 funeral plans promo

From eco-friendly coffins to the music you’d like at the ceremony, your funeral is personal to you and our expert colleagues are here to help you every step of the way.

Our funeral plans make sure all of your wishes are recorded and that all of the costs are fully covered at today’s prices if your requirements haven’t changed and Lincolnshire Co-op arrange the funeral – unlike many other pre-paid plans or insurance policies, which may not cover the average cost of a funeral when the time comes.

Funeral plans are a way of recording all of the choices you’d like for your funeral. You can specify if you’d like a burial or cremation, an eco-funeral in a green burial site and even where you’d like donations in your memory to go. Whatever you choose, we’re here to guide you.

All our plans are fully guaranteed. This means that when you’ve paid for your plan in full, there will be nothing more to pay at the time of the funeral.

Our plans starts from £2,995 including a minimum of £200 member discount during October 2021.** Unlike many other pre-payment funeral plans, there will be nothing more to pay if your requirements don’t change.

We offer a range of fully guaranteed plans: Simple, Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you’d like something more bespoke, we can also tailor the plan your wishes.

Find out more about our plan prices here.

£200 member discount - we offer Lincolnshire Co-op members a minimum of £200 member discount during October 2021** when they pay in full for their funeral plan. If the plan is paid for in instalments, dividend is received upon receipt of the final payment.

Earn dividend – every time a member shops with their dividend card at one of our outlets, they receive dividend and a donation is made to local good causes through our Community Champions scheme. Dividend can be redeemed in full or as part payment at any time. Not a member? Sign up today!

Get in touch with us to arrange a time to discuss your needs. You can complete the funeral plan enquiry form below, contact our Funeral Planning Office via 01522 781 077 / or alternatively you can call your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op funeral home.

Most people have specific wishes about the personal touches associated with their eventual funeral, whether it be the music they want playing in the service, their coffin or the type of flowers they would like. Our funeral staff can go through all of the arrangements, providing information and advice to make sure everything is tailored to you.

You can pay for your funeral plan in full or you can spread the cost with monthly instalments*.

These can be paid over the following periods:

  • 12 monthly instalments (no instalment charge)
  • 24 monthly instalments (10% instalment charge)
  • 36 monthly instalments (15% instalment charge)
  • 48 monthly instalments (20% instalment charge)
  • 60 monthly instalments (25% instalment charge)

We invest all of your money into an individual whole of life insurance policy that is managed by Royal London Mutual Insurance Society. Royal London is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Services are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

The money is released to us when you die so that the funeral can be provided. Money can also be released in other circumstances; for instance, if you cancel or downgrade your plan, so we can refund this to you.

When the time comes to use the funeral plan, the personal representative or next of kin just needs to get in touch with their local Lincolnshire Co-op funeral home and we’ll support and guide them through the next steps. You can also find step by step guidance on the government website.

It’s easy – simply get in touch with your local funeral home today. Our team will be happy to arrange a time to talk through your needs. Like to learn more? Fill out our enquiry form below:

Please fill in your details and we'll be in touch about the funeral plans options available.

How we use the information about you

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Terms and conditions

*If you miss a payment we will write to remind you so that you can bring your instalment payments up to date and ensure you don’t incur additional charges by going over the agreed payment terms. If you don’t complete payment for your funeral plan, what you do pay will remain invested and be used as payment towards your funeral when it takes place. However, the prevailing costs will apply at the time of your funeral and the balance owed will be payable by your personal representative or next of kin handling the arrangements.

Full payment can be made by cheque, credit/debit card, or BACs transfer. We will honour the quoted price for 30 days from the date of quotation. In the interests of the security and safety of our employees we cannot accept cash payments from your home or any other location. Except for payments by direct debit, you will always be issued with a receipt, which you should keep in a safe place. Please note that in certain circumstances we may require proof of identity when payments are being made.

Once fully paid, a funeral plan certificate will be prepared with the details of the arrangements and the amount paid. This will be sent to you with a duplicate copy for your personal representative or next of kin. As well as receiving a receipt for all monies paid (except direct debit payments) your funeral plan certificate will state the amount you have paid in total.

**If you are a member and pay in full for your funeral plan from Friday 1st October until Sunday 31st October 2021, you will receive a minimum £200 discount. If you pay in instalments, you will receive a minimum of £200 dividend on your card upon receipt of your final payment.