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If you’ve booked a Monarch holiday or flight through Lincolnshire Co-op Travel, your money is safe with us. If you’ve got any questions or need some reassurance, contact the branch you booked with. We’ll be contacting affected customers too.

Our travel experts in branch can help you with the details of what you need for your chosen destination.

Lincolnshire Co-op runs 48 pharmacies who can offer free advice on vaccinations, anti-malarial medication and what type of first aid supplies you need for your trip.

The Foreign Office also has a foreign travel guide, with countries across the globe listed in A to Z order. The guide gives up-to-date information on issues like medical requirements, weather conditions, threat levels and a host of other important issues like passport information. It’s good to check this site out whenever you plan a new trip - things can change quickly too, so it's important to check for any updates.

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