Medicine Use Reviews

Medicine Use Reviews

Our trained pharmacists offer a free NHS Medicines Use Review to patients taking two or more regular medicines.

The NHS Medicines Use Review is in addition to the clinical review provided by your doctor.

It helps ensure that you understand why your medicines have been prescribed and the most appropriate way to take them. It’s also a chance to talk through any questions you may have.

They’re free and no appointment is needed - just ask your pharmacist.

It’s a one-to-one chat with our friendly pharmacists about the medication you’re taking. They’re offered as a free NHS service at all Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies to patients taking two or more regular medicines.

A NHS Medicines Use Review can help you get the best from your medication by:

- Better understanding the medicines you’re taking and how they work
- Talking through any concerns you may have about them
- Knowing how to take them, for example at which time of day and with or without food
- Discussing any side effects you may be experiencing
- Looking at over-the-counter remedies you take and how they interact with your medicine

People with respiratory conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, blood pressure and heart problems, or patients taking medicines that are considered high-risk, can really benefit from having a NHS Medicines Use Review. 

If you’ve just been discharged from hospital a NHS Medicines Use Review can help make sure you’re getting the right medication and understand any new medicines you’ve been prescribed. 

It takes only 15 minutes and no appointment is needed – just pop into your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy. 

Our pharmacists can also help if you've been prescribed a new medicine, by giving you one-to-one advice and answering any questions or offering you an NHS New Medicines Review if you’re eligible. 

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