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You know you're from Lincolnshire when...

Image of Lincoln-Map-Pin-smaller.jpg for You know you're from Lincolnshire when...

Ay up, babbyduck, it’s Lincolnshire Day! Whether you’re a born and bred yellowbelly, or if you’ve just lived in Lincolnshire long enough to call this beautiful county home, you know you’re from Lincolnshire when…

You know you’re nearly home when you see the cathedral

Cathedral Small

There’s nothing better than seeing the cathedral peering over the horizon after a long road trip out of our beloved county. First person to spot the cathedral wins!

You probably have strong opinions on sausages

Cooked Sausages Shutterstock 151448576 Smaller

In Lincolnshire, we know sausages. In fact, we’re so obsessed that we throw a sausage festival every year! If you want your bangers as authentically ‘Lincolnshire’ as possible, pick some up from the Love Local range at your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op food store. Some of our local suppliers include Grasmere Farm, Uncle Henry’s, and Mountain's Boston Sausage so you’ve got plenty of delicious products to choose from.  

You know that plum bread isn’t really *plum* bread

Plum Bread Smaller

Only true yellowbellies know that proper plum bread doesn’t actually have plums in it, instead the name refers to the sultanas in the loaf. With a history as rich as its flavour, the first ever Lincolnshire Plum Bread was baked in 1901 by Charles Myers in the market town of Alford. Many generations later, the Myers family are still satisfying the plum bread cravings of the local community from their bakery in Horncastle. For your convenience, you can pick up your own at your local Lincolnshire Co-op food store.

You know the county isn’t flat

Lincolnshire Wolds Small

Lincolnshire isn’t all that flat, contrary to popular belief. In fact, the city of Lincoln itself perches on top of a huge hill (more on that later!). The north of the county is actually quite hilly but yes, we’ll admit the Fens are super flat. 

You’ve taken on (and conquered) Steep Hill

Steep Hill Smaller

The clue is in the name, but Steep Hill is really, really steep! Despite what people say, this cardio-heavy work out never gets any easier. Lincolnshire locals know that Steep Hill etiquette requires that you act like it was a walk in the park when you reach the top – no gasping for breath here!

You’ve spent a lot of time stuck behind tractors

Uh Tractor Trailer Smaller

In Lincolnshire, it’s wise advice to leave plenty of extra time to get to your destination, particularly if you live in a rural area of the county. It’s great that we’re one of the few counties without a major motorway running through it, but this means you’re pretty much guaranteed to get stuck behind a tractor every time you’re on a B road!

Nobody has ever heard of your hometown

Travel E Shot Looking At A Map Smaller

We’ve learnt over the years that it’s pointless giving an accurate answer when a non-local asks you where you’re from. You're even more likely to be met with a blank stare if you name one of the neighbouring villages. ‘Near Sheffield’ normally does the job. 

You've taken a trip to Skegness

Skegness Shutterstock Smaller

Skeggy, Skegvegas, the gem of Lincolnshire's coast...

Whatever you call it, Skegness is the go-to location for any Lincolnshire family's summer holiday. Good weather may not be guaranteed, but good times are!

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