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Top tips for managing hay fever


Is hay fever getting you down? Come rain, come shine, that pesky pollen can be a real pain for those who suffer with allergies.

Don't count yourself out of the summer shindigs just yet. You'll be enjoying the great outdoors in no time thanks to these top tips for managing your hay fever this summer.

1.Get prepared!

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According to experts, using treatments up to two weeks before peak pollen times can help control symptoms. Pollen avoidance can be challenging due to the many different types of pollens from grasses, trees and weeds being released at different times of the year, but keeping an eye on the local pollen forecast can help you prepare for the days when your hay fever symptoms may be at their worst.

2. Keep it outdoors

clothes hanging on line outside

If you're allergic to pollen, staying indoors can be a welcome relief. But did you know that pollen can easily sneak its way into the home? It's a good idea to shower and wash your hair after arriving home and change your clothing, particularly on high pollen days. You should also avoid drying washing on a clothes-line outside and keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible.

3. Mask up

wearing mask outdoor in forest

Over the last year, face coverings have become second nature when we're out and about, but it turns out they protect us from more than viruses. Masks can help allergies by blocking exposure to the agents you are allergic to, including pollen. Some of the symptoms of hay fever can be similar to Covid-19. You can find more information about the difference between coronavirus and hay fever symptoms here.

4. Try a new look

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Although it's maybe not the most glamorous of tips, a nasal barrier like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can trap allergens when applied around the nostrils (not to be used inside the nostrils). A pair of wraparound sunglasses can also protect those who are prone to getting itchy eyes during hay fever season.

5. Speak to a pharmacist

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If you're still struggling to find the right remedy for your hay fever symptoms, pop in to your nearest pharmacy. Our friendly pharmacy teams are full of brilliant advice and recommendations to keep your seasonal allergies at bay this summer.