Showing support with butterflies


To help bring comfort to families in the hardest of times, colleagues across our outlets have put their craft skills to the test by crocheting butterflies to support Baby Loss Awareness Week.

The campaign is held from 9th October to 15th October and aims to raise awareness about the key issues affecting those who have experienced pregnancy loss and baby death in the UK.

Over 600 butterflies have been collected from Lincolnshire Co-op outlets. They’ve been sent to Lincoln, Louth and Grantham hospitals and will be given to families dealing with the loss of a baby.

Grimsby Funeral Home Manager Jess Emmerson said: “It’s amazing that our colleagues and members of the community across Lincolnshire, have come together to crochet and donate 616 butterflies to the United Lincolnshire Hospital Trusts’ Baby Loss Awareness campaign.

“These butterflies will be given to bereaved families during Baby Loss Awareness Week, with the hope that they will provide some comfort and a memory keepsake during this difficult time.

“Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Services wanted to support the campaign to break the silence around the loss of a baby so that people feel able to speak their experiences and access any care that they may need.”

For those looking for support, you can get access to our free bereavement counselling service, delivered by our Lincolnshire Centre for Grief and Loss. They can be contacted at any time on 01522 546168 or email them at

Their team can deliver one-to-one counselling or alternatively, you may wish to attend their monthly support group which provides an opportunity to meet and chat with others who have experienced loss in their lives.

Posted on Tuesday, 09th October 2018

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