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Recipe: Fairtrade banana ice cream


It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and we’ve got a treat that’s both simple to make and will satisfy those cravings for the sweet stuff without the empty calories of a chocolate bar. Banana ice cream! And how do you make it? Basically, with bananas! (Fairtrade ones of course.)

You can add other ingredients if you like, honey for extra sweetness or cocoa for a chocolatey hit. If you use cocoa power and a pinch of cinnamon you’ll probably find that the sweetness of a good ripe banana is enough to make your banana ice cream taste delicious.

You’ll need
•A freezer (obviously)
•A blender (a hand mixer or a masher will do, but it won’t be as smooth)

•4 large ripe Fairtrade bananas

Optional extras
•A tsp of Fairtrade honey
•A pinch of cinnamon
•A tsp of Fairtrade cocoa powder
•Pretty much anything you like

1.Peel your bananas and slice them into pieces, the smaller you make them the quicker they’ll freeze.
2.Put your slices of bananas on tray or in a tub suitable for the freezer, freeze them over night, at least 2 hours and they’ll be good enough.
3.Throw your frozen banana in a blender or a bowl if you’re using a hand mixer or masher, add any of your optional ingredients too.
4.Blitz to a smooth ice cream and voilà!
5.Serve it up with sprinkle of cinnamon on top if that takes your fancy and celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in style.

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