Myth-busting funeral facts


It’s easy to forget that a funeral is a celebration of the end of your life, but with the right amount of planning, you can ensure that your funeral is personal to you and make the process easier on your loved ones when the time comes.

Between Monday 8th May and Sunday 14th May, Lincolnshire Co-op is supporting Dying Matters Awareness Week to encourage people to think about the future. 

Uncertainty about what a funeral involves is one reason why people don’t like to talk about death, so Peter Riley from Gainsborough Funeral Home has debunked some of the most prominent funeral myths… 

You must have a traditional coffin

“We offer lots of different coffin choices so you can tailor your funeral to your taste. From eco coffins to luxury wooden coffins, the options are endless! You can even decorate yours to add a truly personal touch."

Hearses are the only transport you should use

“Just like a coffin, you can use any vehicle you like. We’ve known people to even have opted for their coffin to be transported in a specially adapted motorcycle sidecar!"

You have to go to a funeral to pay your respects

“These days there are many ways you can share your messages of condolence no matter where you are in the world. Our online obituaries provide a permanent place for people who were unable to attend a funeral to pay their respects. Also, funerals can be observed via a web-link from some crematoria.”

Funerals are expensive

“Lincolnshire Co-op is committed to helping people find a funeral they can afford. We’ve signed the Fair Funerals Enhanced Pledge to help tackle funeral poverty by keeping our prices low.”

Find out more about Dying Matters Awareness Week and current offers on funeral plans at your local Lincolnshire Co-op branch. More details can also be found here.

Posted on Wednesday, 10th May 2017

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