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Mons-terrific mummy lanterns


Have a spooktacular night with these mons-terrific mummy lanterns 🧟‍♂🏮


  • Two glass jars - lids are not required. 
  • uPVC glue - either clear or white coloured. 
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes 👀
  • Red gems
  • Bandages or toilet roll
  • Battery operated tealights - don't use real flamed tealights as the bandages could easily catch fire 🔥


  1. First, make sure your two glass jars are clean and completely dry. 
  2. Next, take your bandages or toilet roll and start to wrap it around the jars, making it quite tight but leaving a few little gaps where the googly eyes can go
  3. Once you're happy with how your bandages look, stick the two ends to the side of the jar, so they stay in place. You might also need to pop a little bit of glue underneath some of the bandages so they don't slip down. 
  4. Next, our googly eyes had sticky backs so we just stuck ours straight onto the glass, however if you haven't got pre-stuck eyes, don't worry, just use a tiny blob of glue on the back of them and stick them straight onto the glass - you might need to hold it in place for a minute or two, to make sure it's stuck. 
  5. For one of our mummies, we first stuck the red gems on or the eyes, then the googly eyes on top of them - to give them a 'been up all night haunting' type of look! 
  6. Finally, once everything is dry and stuck in place, pop a battery operated tealight inside the jar and watch your mummies come alive 🎃

You can make as many as you like - a whole army of mummies! Why not try with different colour bandages to make them colourful? You would just need to paint or dye your bandages and dry them before you wrapped them around the jars.