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Inviting critters into the classrooom


Whether it’s a wriggly worm, slimy slug or a beautiful butterfly, critters of all shapes and sizes are fascinating to learn about.  

Long Sutton Primary School is developing an outside woodland area for its pupils to discover creepy crawlies, critters and more for themselves – and we’re supporting it through our Community Champions scheme.

A donation will be made every time a member shops in a Lincolnshire Co-op outlet - fundraising by colleagues and the carrier bag levy go into the pot, too.

Funds will go towards renovating the school’s woodland and wildlife zone to create the outdoor learning area.

A fire pit and seating will be put in place to give the children a space to sit and learn. And, there’ll also be a woodland trail for the children to do their daily walk.

Headteacher Bill Lord said: "The outdoor learning at Long Sutton Primary is a key part of the development of the  school’s curriculum. 

"The children often take their learning outside and so having trails, safe places to den build and an area in which to learn are vital. The support from the Big Co-Op clean has meant that an unsightly and overgrown area has been removed as well as a new trail being cut through one of the three wooded areas on the site. 

"The school has also used the area cleared to be the site for a new children’s seating area and fire pit which was installed in June. This will allow children to share work together outside the classroom, and also build fires safely or use a rocket stove for outdoor cookery. 
"All of this means that the children can work in a secluded part of the school’s large site in a mixed woodland. They have resources to support them in identifying the different trees and, when they are quiet and still for long enough, they can see and heard many different birds. 

"The children do also use the site for camping out with next year’s Year 6 group of children planning to have a camp out in the dens they have built in the woods in September."

The school is one of over 20 green spaces, community group projects, schools and even play parks being supported as Community Champions this quarter.

Support for Long Sutton Primary School kicked off in June with a special volunteering event, as part of the Big Co-op Clean.

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Lincolnshire Co-op colleagues and members spent a day clearing the outdoor space ready for its transformation.

Together they pulled up thick weeds and made way for the woodland trail and outdoor learning area.

The clear-up itself gave the children a chance to come outside in their classes and see the insects, frogs and other critters living in the green space.

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