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Halloween batty bats


Let's go batty for Halloween and half term with these super cute but seriously spooky bats! 🦇


  • Brown felt
  • Black and white card
  • Grey and brown pipe cleaners
  • Two empty cardboard toilet rolls
  • Glue - preferably white or clear
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Black paint
  • Pen
  • Googly stick on eyes


  1. Take your brown felt and line up one of your empty toilet rolls on it's side to the edge of the felt - cut the felt so it is the same width as your toilet roll and make sure it's long enough to wrap around it fully. 
  2. Next, put a line of glue on one side of your toilet roll and carefully wrapped your brown felt around it, so it's completely covered. You may need to put another line of glue further round the toilet roll, to make sure it stays in place. 
  3. Whilst your brown bat dries, take your other empty toilet roll and paint it completely in black and then let it dry. 
  4. Take your white card and draw two pairs of bat wings on it. You can use your toilet rolls to make sure your wings are the right size and will stick out of the sides.  Carefully cut the wings out with the scissors. 
  5. Paint one pair of wings with your black paint and leave it to dry again. 
  6. Use the left over brown felt to cover your other pair of wings - folding the felt around your cardboard and sticking it down at the back.  
  7. Next, stick your wings to the back of your toilet rolls with a line of glue. 
  8. Once dry, carefully use your scissors or a pen to poke two holes at the back of both toilet rolls, at the bottom - this is where your bat's feet will stick out from. 
  9. Take your pipe cleaners and cut off a small section from the bottom of them.  Put these small pieces to one side. 
  10. Thread a pipe cleaner through each of the holes you've just made in your toilet rolls and bend the end around inside so it secures it in place. 
  11. Using the small cut off bits of pipe cleaner, attached these to end of your bat's legs by folding them around the end of the pipe cleaner to make little feet. 
  12. Make two triangles out of the brown felt and the white card (then painting this black) for your bat's ears. Stick these to the inside of your toilet rolls, so they appear over the top. 
  13. Last but not least, stick a pair of goggly eyes on to both of your bats - you can also draw a little smile too either using a white pen or by cutting out a little bit of the white card and sticking it on. 

That's it, your bats are ready to hang out at your place - you can use their feet and legs to bend them around shelves and handles so they look like they're hanging upside down!