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Supporting local food banks


From cereal packets to tins of tuna, Lincolnshire Co-op is encouraging people to donate a variety of food in a bid to boost the reserves of local food banks and community larders who are tackling hunger.

Collection bins can be found in each one of Lincolnshire Co-op’s 83 food stores throughout August, giving generous shoppers an easy and convenient place to drop off a donation.

In September, the food collected from each store will be handed over to a local food bank to feed families across the area.

Community Engagement Manager Sam Turner said: “There’s a high demand for food banks in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, and as a community retailer, we believe that it’s our responsibility to do our bit.

“We were spurred on by BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s campaign, which highlighted the current shortage of items in food banks across the area.

“We really hope that people will donate packets, tins and dried foods to help those in need.”

Ideal contributions include:

  • Tins of fruit, rice pudding, tuna and meats such as stews, peas, carrots, sweetcorn and tomatoes.
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • Jam, marmalade or lemon curd
  • UHT milk
  • Instant mash potato
  • Biscuits
  • Puddings
  • Jellies
  • Angel delight

However, food banks won't be needing any out of date food or anything that needs other ingredients to make a meal, such as:

  • Kidney beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Lasagne sheets

Groups that will benefit include Lincoln Foodbank, Grimsby Food Kitchen, The Storehouse in Skegness and many more.

Amy Colley from Lincoln Foodbank said: “There’s a lot of pressure over the summer holidays on families who are used to their kids having free school meals, and suddenly they have more mouths to feed for six weeks.

“People may find it hard to admit that they need some help, but we want to encourage people to make use of the food supplies we have.

“We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without this kind of support from the community so we’re extremely grateful for any donations we get from Lincolnshire Co-op as part of this drive.”

Lincolnshire Co-op has long supported food banks. In 2013, the Society donated more than 7,000 items worth £4,500 to 18 food banks as part of its Community Champions scheme.

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