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Get witch-crafting with these Halloween decorations


Bonkers bats, spooky spiders and ghastly ghosts - why not make all three to celebrate Halloween!

What you'll need

  • 1 egg carton
  • Black paint
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Loose cotton wool

What to do

For your bat...

  1. Take your egg carton and cut off the lid, then cut the pod half into two length ways so you're left with 3 pods attached in a row
  2. Paint it black all over and underneath and leave to dry
  3. Once dry, turn it upside down and stick two of the googly eyes to the middle pod
  4. Carefully pierce a hole in the top of the middle pod and feed a pipe cleaner through it and tie in a knot underneath the bat's body
  5. Your bat is now ready to be hung up and swoop on your guests!

For your spider...

  1. Cut one of the remaining pods from the leftover carton and again paint it entirely black
  2. Once dry, turned it over and stick three eyes to the front
  3. Take three pipe cleaners and stick them to the underneath of the spider body, so they stick out the sides making the legs and bend them into place
  4. Your spider is now ready to creep up on people!

For your ghost...

  1. Take some loose cotton wool and mould it into a ghost shape
  2. Stick two googly eyes on the front and cut out a black oval shape to form the mouth
  3. Your ghost is now ready to have a hauntingly good time!