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An area with some sun and a supply of water is all you need to start growing your own - here's some top tips from gardening charity Green Synergy.

Mixed salad trays 

Recycle a fruit or veg plastic tray by filling with compost and planting with salad seeds. Pick 'cut and come again' varieties which will provide you with a consistent supply.

You could even start off tomato or pepper plants with this method. 

Sensory sweet peas

Cardboard toilet rolls on trays can be used to start off aromatic sweet pea plants.

Grow your own herbs

Basil is easy to grow on a sunny windowsill in a container filled with well-drained soil.

Strawberry hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great place to grow strawberries if your limited for space or would have problems bending down to tend the low-lying plants. Buy small trailing varieties - three to four plants would fill a 12" basket. 

If you prefer savoury, there are also plenty of tomato varieties suited to hanging baskets. 

Smiley sunflowers

A easy way to add colour to a yard or small patio - sunflowers are easy to grow in medium and large pots. You can also find dwarf varieties.

After flowering, leave the heads to dry - they make great bird feeders.

We've teamed up with Green Synergy to create a community garden north of Lincoln - find out more here.

Posted on Friday, 21st April 2017

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