Shoppers learn CPR at four food stores


Shoppers and colleagues now know life-saving CPR after training at a Lincolnshire Co-op store.

A St John Ambulance volunteer spent more than two hours teaching the skill outside Skirbeck Road Food Store in Boston today.

Colleagues from the store, passing shoppers and students from nearby Boston College all paused to watch CPR being demonstrated step-by-step. They then tried it out themselves on the practice dummies lined up outside the store.

It was the first of four demonstration days at four different Lincolnshire Co-op food stores, set up as part of the Save a Life campaign by BBC Radio Lincolnshire, LIVES and St John Ambulance which aims to teach CPR to 10,000 people across the county.

Giving CPR can increase someone’s chance of survival during a cardiac arrest, especially when combined with a defibrillator. There’s one installed at Skirbeck Road Food Store and half of colleagues there already have had training on how to use it.

Store Manager Michelle Brocklesby said: “Being able to deliver CPR could save someone’s life, and what a brilliant thing to be able to say that you can do.

“I feel more confident in delivering CPR and I’m proud to say I can do it if needed.”

St John Ambulance volunteer Stephen Pullinger delivered the training. He also helps run a cadet division and is a school and community trainer.

“If we just save one life, it’s worth doing,” he said.

“Just come to a roadshow and we’ll teach you how to do it.”

Three more training sessions will be held at the following Lincolnshire Co-op stores:

For more information on the Save a Life campaign, follow these links to the BBC Radio Lincolnshire, LIVES and St John Ambulance websites.

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Posted on Tuesday, 10th October 2017

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