Pocklington's Bakery


About Pocklington's Bakery

Chris Pocklington is at the helm of the business in Withern which first began with his grandfather in 1924.

He took over when he was just 18-years-old and has since bagged several awards.

Nowadays, the bakery, in between Louth and Mablethorpe, works pretty much around the clock, taking in nine tonnes of flour a week and cracking its way through more than 6,000 eggs.

A team of 30 people work tirelessly. ‘Night bakers’ make bread in the wee hours and the day shift start work at 3.30am – there’s only 36 hours a week when the place shuts down.

Pocklingtons uses as many local ingredients as possible from adding Batemans Victory Ale, brewed in Wainfleet, to its pies, to using flour grown on the Lincolnshire Wolds for its pastry.

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