Lymn Bank Cheese

Lymn Bank Cheese 166

About Lymn Bank Cheese

The Grinstead family first moved to Lymn Bank with a dream of becoming self-sufficient. After a short while, however, they turned their attention to learning how to make cheese and began experimenting with different flavours.

Now Lymn Bank Farm in Thorpe St Peter near Skegness, produces more than 20 different varieties of cheese and chutney.

Run by the Grinstead household, it’s a real family affair. Dad Steve makes the cheese, mum Helen cooks up the chutneys, hand peeling the onions and stirring it by hand for a homemade flavour, and both are helped by kids Gemma and Matthew who gave up their jobs to work on the farm full time.

All the milk they use comes from a farm a mile down the road and they try and source as many of their other ingredients as locally as they can.

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