Chapman's Fishcakes

About Chapman's Fishcakes

‘Lincolnshire potatoes and Grimsby fish – made for each other’. This is the saying of brothers Kevin and Paul Chapman who have certainly proved it to be true.

At Chapman’s Seafoods based in Grimsby, the duo’s fishcakes are hand-made to their mother’s recipes using Maris Piper potatoes from Louth, herbs from a supplier in Grimsby and of course only the finest Grimsby fish from three local merchants.

Potatoes are steamed and mashed, herbs are chopped by hand, the ingredients are brought together by hand and then the fishcakes are rolled in breadcrumbs.

The Chapman family have been involved in the seafish industry in Grimsby for more than 50 years giving them invaluable knowledge especially with regards to recognising and sourcing the best fish available.

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