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Owner Patrick Salmon is passionate about the freshness and taste of his traditional smoked haddock.

The haddock is brought fresh from the Grimsby fish market on the Grimsby fish docks and taken to his smoke house only a short drive away. It is smoked in the same traditional way that has remained unchanged in the last 100 years.

It is smoked over wood in tall brick chimneys overnight, packaged and then shipped out to Lincolnshire Co-op stores ready for customers to enjoy.

Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock is the only product in Lincolnshire to have the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status from the European Union, this is the same protection afforded to protected food names such as Champaign, Parma Ham and Cornish clotted cream.

It’s famous in the culinary world too – celebrity chef Marco Pierre White insists on the firm’s haddock and buys it direct for his Rudloe Arms hotel.

Patrick Salmon says this is a real treat that is like no other fish you have tried. Take time preparing it, it takes very little cooking and makes a fantastic meal. You and your friends will really enjoy it.

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