Costs & Fair Funerals Pledge


We can help you arrange everything from the very simplest to the most sophisticated of funerals.

Because funeral arrangements are entirely a matter of personal need and preference, the best way of finding out detailed costs is by discussing your wishes with your local Lincolnshire Co-op funeral director.

You can talk to us entirely without obligation and in the strictest confidence.

There are two different types of expense when it comes to organising a funeral - the funeral director’s charges (listed in the costs leaflet downloadable below) and the so-called ‘disbursements’, which are the fees paid to third parties like clergy, cemetery or crematorium and doctors.

Third-party fees

The third-party costs can vary across counties however, we have provided the below third-party fees as a guide to local charges in our local area. These figures are estimates. Your funeral director will provide you with the relevant local charges applicable to the funeral arrangements when arranging the funeral and a written estimate will be provided.

  • Standard Cremation Fees (excluding visual tributes and additional services): £700- £999
  • Doctors’ Fees: £164
  • Officiant fees: £160- £200
  • Minister’s fees: £200 (please note this varies dependent upon denomination).
  • Cemetery fees (Purchase and internment): £1100

The fee for the purchase of a grave (exclusive right of burial) is dependent upon the cemetery and it can range from £399 to £1100. There may also be an additional internment fee which ranges from £300-£860. Please be aware that the cemetery may apply higher cemetery fees for non-residents.

  • Gravediggers fees: £450 (this has local variations and may be included in cemetery fees).

We request the payment of disbursements (third-party costs that we pay on your behalf) within 48 hours after the arrangement interview. Failure to meet this request will result in a postponement of the funeral. We reserve the right to demand full payment of all costs in advance of the funeral, in certain circumstances.

Members’ funeral dividend

It’s never an easy time losing a loved one. At Lincolnshire Co-op, we believe it’s important for us to help our members during the difficult time of a bereavement, so we operate a funeral dividend.

Members will receive a 5% dividend which is calculated on the value of the funeral directors’ fees.

Fair Funerals Pledge

Our funeral services are committed to providing transparent prices and helping people find a funeral they can afford and to show this we’ve signed the Fair Funerals Pledge.

It means that:

1. We will help people to find funerals that are within their means

2. We will be open about the price of our services, including third party costs:

  • In initial conversations
  • Within our price lists
  • On our website

3. We will be open about the amount of any deposit we require, and when this and the final balance are due:

  • In initial conversations.
  • Within our price lists.
  • On our website.

We’re also pleased to offer a simple funeral option for £1,595, plus essential disbursements. Though this carries certain restrictions, it facilitates a dignified, respectful and more affordable funeral service, which can still be personalised to reflect the lifestyle and preference of the deceased, whilst serving the needs of the family at what is a very difficult time.

As well as our simple funeral option, our typical funeral prices sit well below the national average and just under the local average.

We offer a Direct Cremation for an inclusive price of £1,395. Full payment is required for the direct cremation service within 48 hours of the funeral arrangement appointment. Please ask your funeral arranger for further details.

All our funeral directors, arrangers and managers are trained to discuss with the client their ability to meet the costs associated with the funeral they are arranging and, in cases of hardship, to provide the simple funeral option.

Contact your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op funeral home to find out more about the costs of a funeral.

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