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DIY Wreath kit tutorial instructions

Wreath Tutorial

Turn the Christmas music on, grab a glass of mulled wine and gather your friends and family (virtually of course!) and get ready to create your very own festive wreath. 

Once you have the wreath kit ready to go, we would recommend laying all your items out. This helps so you're not looking for bits throughout the process. 

We've popped together some simple instructions to help you create your wreath. The instructions are also available to download at the bottom of the page if you would like to print them out. 

Our expert florist, Sharon, has also created a video tutorial which you can follow along whilst making your wreath too. 

If you haven't picked up your wreath kit yet, check out full range here.

Now let's begin...


1. Cut each variety of foliage, roughly the same size as your hand and place in separate piles.

2. Attach the reel wire by pushing it into the moss and wrap around the wreath a few times.

3. Using a bit of each variety of foliage, gather handfuls together, making the bunches all similar in variety and size.

4. Holding the bunch onto the moss base with the foliage at an angle towards the outside of the frame. Using the attached reel wire, wrap around bottom of the foliage bunch and around the wreath at least 3 times. Leave the reel wire attached to the wreath during the whole process. Collect the same selection of foliage for you next bunch. Moving slightly further around the wreath and slightly angled towards the inside of the frame. Again using the reel wire to attach the second bunch.

5. Keep repeating all the way around the wreath making sure to cover the wire as you go. All bunches should be going in the same direction around the wreath just rotating from outside to inside the frame. Slide the stems of the last bunch under the foliage of the first bunch you attached. Wiggle the wire through the foliage trying not to flatten the foliage as you go.

6. Take the wire to the back of the wreath frame, cut the reel off and push the end of the wire into the moss.

7. Now you are ready to decorate your wreath. Position your ready made bow onto the wreath wherever you prefer. Push the bow wire through the wreath and fold flat and push the end of the wire back into moss base.

8. Using a stub wire, wrap it tightly around the scales at the base of the pine cones and twist to secure.

9. With the oranges, thread the stub wire through the orange and twist tightly.

10. Position two orange slices together and twist the stub wire tightly.

11. Push the stub wire through the cinnamon stick, fold over and secure tightly. 

12. Start placing the decorations where you would like. Push the stub wire through the wreath, fold flat against the back and push the end of the wire into the moss frame.

13. Keep going until you’ve added all the decorations. 

14. Add a hook/wire to hand (optional).

And you're done!

We would love to see your creations. Send a photo over to or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a £30 voucher to spend in our florist. 

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