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Application form declaration

1. Your Contract of Employment will be issued to you at your place of work within eight weeks of your commencement.

2. I understand that if I am offered, or have commenced employment prior to the receipt of references and these should prove to be unsatisfactory, the offer may be withdrawn, or my engagement may be terminated without prior notice and upon payment only of those days worked by me.

3. I understand that the first 13 weeks of my employment are regarded as a probationary period and continuity of my  employment is subject to the satisfactory completion of this period and that this trial period is subject to earlier termination by either party giving statutory notice.

4. I am aware that the Society recognises employees' rights regarding Trade Union Membership and encourages employees to become a member of the appropriate Trade Union and that the Terms and Conditions of my Employment will be in accordance with the agreement(s) negotiated by the Society with the appropriate Trade Union/National Joint Council or local agreement.

5. I am aware that where safety equipment or procedures are laid down in accordance with the Society's policy or statutory provisions, failure to wear or use such equipment safely or to follow such procedures as directed, could lead to disciplinary action.

6. I am aware that my employment and its continuity may require that I successfully pass any medical examination/assessment that the Society considers relevant and will not unreasonably refuse to undertake these.

7. I am aware that if I am eligible and do not join the Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd. Pension Scheme or other such appropriate pension scheme as notified to me, I may apply to join at a later date, and that application will be dealt with by the Trustees of the Scheme.

8. I am prepared to undergo whatever training and assessment is thought necessary by the Society, wherever it is appropriate for such training and assessment to be given, at any time, during the course of my employment with the Society.

9. I understand that it is a condition of my employment with the Society that my wages will be paid directly into a bank account. If I do not have one, I agree to open a current account with a bank on my commencement of employment for this purpose.

10. I understand and agree that the Society pays wages on a 4-weekly payment basis in arrears.

11.I understand that Sunday is a normal trading day. I understand and agree that I will work on a Sunday as part of my normal working week if required to do so.

12. I hereby agree that upon the termination of my employment the Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd. is duly authorised to deduct from any monies owed to me by the aforementioned Society at that time, any outstanding sums owed by me to Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd.

13. Drivers only - In the event of being convicted of any driving offence which results in penalty points being endorsed upon my licence, whether or not the offence is committed in a private motor vehicle, I agree to notify the Society's Transport Department. In the event that I am prohibited from driving (for whatever reason) which results in the loss of my driving licence, I am aware that unless suitable alternative employment can be found within the Society, my employment will be terminated.

14. I am aware that the Society uses the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for making safer recruitment decisions. I agree to fully co-operate in the disclosure process, if requested by the Society.

15. I understand that it is a condition of my employment that if I am arrested, convicted of a criminal offence, bound over, or cautioned, pending appointment to, or whilst employed in the Society's service, that I must report details of the matter to Head of People and Performance or a senior People and Performance Manager. I am aware that a failure to do this may result in disciplinary action being taken.

  • *I have read the above and certify that the information given therein by me to Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd, or their agent, is correct.
  • I agree to abide by the Rules and Conditions of the Society in particular those referred to in the Staff Induction & Handbook (which is issued on commencement and is also available from People & Performance), and to observe the rules for the department in which I work. I understand that I may be subject to security checks.*
  • I hereby consent to the data on the application form, freely given by me, to be held by Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd, in an organised filing system.
  • I further consent to the data being used by Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd., or by its group companies, for any purpose that promotes the furtherance of its business. I understand that the data will not be sold or made available to any third-party and that the data will not be used for any purpose that contravenes the Data Protection Act as in force at the time.

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