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We believe that apprenticeships are a way of attracting talented and enthusiastic people to come and work for Lincolnshire Co-op. Apprenticeships also give individuals who want to develop their skills the chance to earn a wage while they learn, both on the job and through training.

We have a number of established apprenticeship schemes across our business including food, pharmacy and travel. Our apprenticeship programmes are hard work, but also extremely rewarding.

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Have you got what it takes to be an apprentice at Lincolnshire Co-op?

David Jameson Retail Apprentice

Retail apprenticeships

Want to get in to retail? Learn about customer care, store operations and much more with our retail apprenticeship.

Pharmacy Apprentice Anne Dunn

Pharmacy apprenticeships

Interested in working in the area of health and community care? Check out our pharmacy apprenticeship.

Travel Apprentice Bryony Clarke

Travel apprenticeships

Do you have a passion for travel? Launch your career in to the industry with our travel apprenticeship.

Pharmacy Case Study Georgia Higgins

Meet our apprentices

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn a wage while you learn, pick up new skills and gain valuable experience.

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Application tips

Application tips

When applying for an apprenticeship with us, you’ll go through a structured process, which will vary depending on what programme you’re applying for. As you’d expect, your first step is to complete the online application form. But what happens next?

Here we’ve put together a short guide detailing exactly how each process works - plus a few tips on how to prepare for each one.

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