Physical activity

Physical Activity

Find the physical activity which suits you to reduce the risk of developing a number of diseases and improve your general wellbeing.

For children and young people aged 5-18

To maintain a basic level of health you need to do at least  60 minutes (1 hour) of physical activity every day, which should range between  moderate-intensity activity, such as cycling and playground activities and  vigorous-intensity activity, such as fast running and tennis. On three days a  week, these activities should involve muscle-strengthening activities, such as  push-ups, and bone-strengthening activities, such as running.

Healthy adults (19 – 64 years)

To stay healthy, or to improve health adults need to do two types of physical activity each week including aerobic and  muscle-strengthening activity. You should aim to achieve at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. One way to do this is  by doing 30 minutes exercise on 5 days a week. For other  ways to  accomplish this and to find out more see the NHS physical activity guidelines for adults.

Find an activity near you

Visit the Lincolnshire Sport activity finder to find sports activities near you for free, or simply register to promote your own activities online. With hundreds of sporting activities updated on a daily basis, you are just a few clicks away from finding a great sports activity in Lincolnshire!

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How much have you moved today?

There are lots of ways you and your family can fit physical activity in to your day. Getting active will not only help your body and health, it will also help your mind too! Find out more here.

Healthy weight and diet guide

Our Healthy Weight and Diet guide provides tips and advice on healthy eating and exercise, or you can simply ask at your local Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy today.

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