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​Hay fever sufferer?

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Hay fever affects 10-15% of children and 26% of adults in the UK. (GK Scadding et al, 2017). This is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen.

If you have hay fever we can help with:

  • free advice from our trained staff (no appointment needed)
  • special offers on treatments

The symptoms:

  • sneezing
  • a runny, itchy or blocked nose 
  • watery, itchy eyes
  • itchy throat 
  • headache, sinus pain 
  • inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis) 
  • children may also develop a middle ear infection (otitis media) 

Depending on which type of pollen you're allergic to, you may experience hay fever symptoms at different times.

In the UK, the pollen count season is usually separated into three periods: 

  • tree pollen – late March to mid-May 
  • grass pollen – mid-May to July 
  • weed pollen – end of June to September 

The most effective way to control hay fever would be to avoid exposure to pollen.

With there being no cure for it, but most people can tackle their symptoms with over-the-counter medication from their pharmacist. Treatments are available in different forms e.g. tablet, capsule, liquid, nasal spray and eye drops. Your local Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacist can recommend the most appropriate medication for you.

Visit your local Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy for free advice today, or download the below booklet for more information.

Coronavirus vs hay fever: know the difference...

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Come rain or shine , hay fever is here and we’re on hand to nip those common hay fever myths in the bud.