The Greatest Circus Fruits!


Free fruit is back from Monday 13th January 2020 to Saturday 22nd February 2020 with The Greatest Circus Fruits!

Roll up, roll up the circus is in town…twinkling and sparkling with gold and amazing surprises for young and old…it’s showtime!

Alfonzo Apple 🍎 is ready to welcome you to the big top, where The Greatest Circus Fruits are waiting to put on a show! 

Our dazzling ringmaster is joined by Bart Banana 🍌 – the master of the banana splits and Opeelia Orange 🍊 who shows girls can lift just as much as boys! Their amazing show wouldn’t be possible without their fruit troop of apples, bananas and oranges, who will be tumbling, twirling and tightrope walking their way into our food stores to bring all the action to your doorstep. 

Their circus needs magician's though and we think our junior members are just the people!  Can you help make our Gala apples, bananas and oranges magically disappear by grabbing one for FREE each day from our food stores and munching on it?

Fruitastic cards

You'll need a fruitastic circus card to help with the magic and we'll be sending these by 2nd class post from the 10th January onwards to all juniors who are opted into postal communications. So, keep an eye out for this dazzling invitation landing on your doorsteps. 

All juniors that were opted into postal communications from us before Christmas should receive their cards no later than Tuesday 14th January 2020. 

For those that have opted in since, we are sending out cards twice per week so they should be with you shortly. 

If you're not sure if you're signed up for postal communications ✉️ from us, juniors can sign in to their account here. If you find you're not opted in, then get in touch with our Membership Team on 01522 781 135 or email and we'll make sure your preferences are updated and a card is posted to you. 

Once magician's have their Fruitastic circus card in their hands, all they have to do is pop into their nearest Lincolnshire Co-op food store, pick either a loose apple, banana or orange and have their card and fruit scanned at the till. Make sure you keep your card after its scanned so you can come back the next day for another slice of the action.

Not a junior member yet? Anyone aged 15 years or under can become a member - it's free and there's lots of other exciting benefits to the membership too, such as Christmas and birthday treats, money off days out and competitions to win fantastic prizes! 

Once a new member signs up, we’ll send out their Fruitastic circus card within 14 days – you'll need to wait for this to arrive before you can join the circus and help the fruit disappear. So, don’t wait too long, apply today to join in the magic!

Click here to apply now.

Terms and conditions - even magicians need to know the important, but quite funny, stuff:

1. Your fruitastic circus card is just for junior member magicians like you to enjoy. Your assistants (a.k.a parents and guardians) may collect your fruit if you’re busy flying the trapeze or dazzling with your weightlifting show, but please don't pass your card on to anyone else. 

2. A maximum of one free fruit item can be collected each day.

3. Every day you can munch through either a loose Gala apple, banana, or orange.

4. Fruit stocked may vary between stores and is subject to availability. Some stores may not stock all 3 products but should have at least 1 of the items every day.

5. You can get this fruitastic offer from 13th January 2020 to 22nd February 2020. 

6. You can only get your hands on free fruit in Lincolnshire Co-op food stores.

7. Please check with a parent/guardian that you’re allowed the fruit before you enjoy it.

8. Cannot be exchanged for cash. We don’t recommend eating cash as it'll take away all your magical powers. 

9. We may withdraw this offer at any time.

10. We can’t replace any lost or stolen cards – that includes any that fall into the hands of the fruit troop, who have a habit of putting them into magician's hats where they're lost forever! 

11. Please don’t photocopy the card – it won’t work on our clever tills.

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