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Shiver me fruit is back!


Shiver me timbers me hearties...

Every day from Monday 10th January 2022 to Sunday 20th February 2022 junior members, aged 15 years or under, can sail the seven seas into our food stores and grab a FREE Gala apple 🍎 banana 🍌 or orange 🟠 using an 'ARRR' card.

Every pirate knows it's super important to eat a piece of fruit every day as they might not see another island for a long time whilst they're out treasure hunting - so this is the perfect chance for you to show what amazing crew mates you are and help collect them.

Join our pirates Antigua Apple, Barbosa Banana and Seven Slices Orange as they tackle squids, tides and fellow pirates in a bid to outrun their enemies and secure the tasty treasure that is free fruit!

It's easy to get your hands on an ARRR card, so you can start your swashbuckling adventure...

🍎 If you're not yet a junior member, it's quicker than putting hoisting the main sail to sign up - anyone aged 15 years and under can join - it's FREE and there's lot of other benefits too....

⭐Click here to sign up today

Remember to tick the 'postal communications' box on your application so we can send you an ARRR card in the post!

We'll then make sure an ARRR card is posted to you just before the adventure starts on the 10th January 2022.

🍌 If you've been a junior member for a while and are already signed up to receive things in the post from us (you can check by signing into your account here) then we'll be sending you a card in the post on Thursday 6th January 2022. You should have it within a couple of days of it being sent.

🍊 If you're not signed up to receive post from us, you can sign into your account and change your communication preferences. Then let us know by calling 01522 781 135 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm) or email with your name, address, telephone and membership number, and we'll arrange for a card to be sent to you as soon as possible (it can take up to 14 days for a card to be posted, so check your settings now - don't miss out!)

😬 Sometimes things can get lost in the post, so if you're an existing junior member and haven’t got it by Monday 10th January 2022 and have checked your account to make sure your signed up for post from us, then just get in touch on 01522 781 135 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm) or by email and let us know. If you've not received your card within 14 days of requesting it, then please also get in touch with us.

Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure...

  1. Receive your ARRR card in the post and carefully cut it out of the mailer it's attached to. Then, set sail to your nearest Lincolnshire Co-op food store 🧺
  2. Once inside pick out which fruit you'd like - choose from a loose Gala apple, banana or orange.
  3. Head to the till and hand over your ARRR card and piece of fruit to our motley crew colleagues 🏴‍☠
  4. They'll scan your card along with the fruit (to make sure there's no barnacles still attached) then it's yours! Make sure you keep your card safe as you'll need it each time you claim your free fruit.
  5. Give your free fruit a wash back on board your pirate ship and then it’s ready to be munched on. You can then return for more tomorrow ⛵

Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Your ARRR card is just for junior members like you to enjoy. Your crew mates (a.k.a parents and guardians) may collect your fruit if you’re busy battling a giant squid but please don’t pass your card on to anyone else.  
  2. A maximum of one free fruit item can be collected each day. 
  3. Every day you can munch through either a loose Gala apple, banana, or orange. 
  4. Fruit stocked may vary between stores and is subject to availability. Some stores may not stock all 3 products but should have at least 1 of the items every day. 
  5. You can get this fruitastic offer from 10th January 2022 – 20th February 2022.   
  6. You can only get your hands on free fruit in Lincolnshire Co-op food stores. 
  7. Please check with a parent/guardian that you’re allowed the fruit before you enjoy it.  
  8. Cannot be exchanged for cash. We don’t recommend eating cash as it’s been dragged up from the bottom of the sea, covered in barnacles and the remains of ex-crew members.
  9. We may withdraw this offer at any time.  
  10. We can’t replace any lost or stolen cards – that includes any that fall into the hands of other pirates, sea-turtles and the ocean.
  11. Please don’t photocopy the card – it won’t work on our clever tills. 

Treasure hunts 🗺 food from the galley 🧉 pirate loot competitions 💎 - we've got just what you need to make your adventure across the seas over the next few weeks.

Check them out through these links today...

Well, not quite but dividend is as good as money! Did you know if you're aged 12 + every time you shop in our stores with your dividend card you earn dividend, which you can then spend on some nice treats in store.

So, all those healthy snacks you buy after school could be earning you dividend and will eventually mean you have enough to get some treats for free!

Don't worry, you don't have to carry your dividend card with you...we've gone techie and built an app for your phone, so you can download your card to it.

Check it out by searching for 'Dividend Card' on the App Store or Google Play.

Q: Why are pirates called pirates?

A: They just arrrrrrrrrrrrr 💪

Q: How can you tell a pirate has fallen for modern technology?

A: It's the iPatch that gives it away 😜

Q: What has eight legs and eight eyes?

A: Eight pirates 🏴‍☠

Q: Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?

A: Because they spend years at C 🌊

Q: What did the Ocean say to the Pirate?

A: Nothing, it just waved 👋

Q: What am I...

I'm colourful but I'm not a rainbow

I'm sometimes found on a shoulder but I'm not a bag strap

I have two legs but I'm not an ostrich

I can talk but I'm not a person

I can fly but I'm not an airplane

A: Parrot 🦜