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Making a difference in local communities

Our colleagues are keen to make a difference in their local communities – that’s why we offer each one of our 2,800 staff the chance spend two days per year doing paid volunteering.

We have a Volunteering Co-ordinator who arranges projects with community groups and good causes. Then a team of staff, who normally come from neighbouring Lincolnshire Co-op outlets, undertake the work.

Often, it’s tasks that the group wouldn’t do in their day-to-day roles like painting or gardening. We also try and work with organisations which have received grants and donations so we’re giving more than just money.

As well as practical projects, we offer our professional support and expertise where we can. For example, our design team have created brochures and leaflets for charities and many of our staff are school governors or sit on the board of local groups.

Our volunteers make a real difference to local communities, even winning awards such as the Business in the Community Local Impact Award.

If you’re inspired to volunteer in your community, Volunteering England is a great place to start. It has a searchable directory of local Volunteer Centres and other services that list volunteering vacancies.

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Can we help with your project?

If you’ve got a project that you think we could support, contact our Engagement Advisor, Rachel Ashmore, via, by calling 01522 785 299 or use the volunteering request form below.

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