Board of Directors

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As a co‑operative, one of the many things that makes us different is that we're owned and run by our members. Our Board of Directors is supported by Lincolnshire Co-op’s team of 2,700 staff including a Senior Management Team. 

The Board of Directors is made up of members and any eligible member can stand for election to the board. The elections take place in May every year with members given a chance to vote through the tills at many of our trading outlets, including all food stores.

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Senior Management Team

Current members of Lincolnshire Co-op’s Senior Management Team are:

  • Ursula Lidbetter MBE – Chief Executive Officer
  • Jane Powell – Group Secretary
  • David Dernley – Head of Funeral Services
  • Laura Dunne – Head of Marketing and Membership
  • Alastair Farquhar – Head of Pharmacy
  • Stephen Galjaard – Chief Financial Officer
  • Heather Lee – Head of People and Performance
  • Jim Thomson – Chief Retail Officer
  • Andrew Turner – Head of Information Systems
  • Ray Yeardley – Head of Retail Operations



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