Lincolnshire Farm Eggs

Lincolnshire Farm Eggs

Every week Lincolnshire Co-op sells 9,000 county free-range eggs – that’s nearly half-a-million a year from thousands of happy hens.

It's easy to Love LocalOne of the best things about Lincolnshire Farm Eggs is that every single one can be traced back to the individual farm where it was laid.

Suppliers Noble Foods works with 50 Lincolnshire farms. On each egg is a code which can be entered into a special website which gives you information about the specific county farm they came from.

The eggs are hand-collected on each farm and picked up regularly by lorry. They are taken to Noble Foods’ Lincolnshire packing centre and sent from there to local outlets, such as our 75 foodstores.

Because they don’t have to travel very far, fewer miles mean fewer emissions and they are also fresher when they arrive at the store.

Plus, every customer who buys a packet of Lincolnshire Farm Eggs is directly supporting local agriculture.

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Our Love Local range is available in all of our food stores.

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