Lincolnshire Quality

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We think it’s important to know what you’re eating – that’s why all of our Lincolnshire Quality meat is born and reared on local farms.

In fact, each side of pork, beef and lamb that enters our butchery in Lincoln comes with a certificate proving which Lincolnshire farm it has come from.

All of these farms are also Farm Assured which means they meet around 160 standards that ensure higher welfare – from space allowance to stockmanship, veterinary visits and checks on conditions and food. 

But it’s not just about quality meat and animal welfare. Buying from our Love Local range boosts the local economy too. By choosing meat from our Lincolnshire Quality range you can be sure that you are supporting a local farmer, like Meryl Ward who supplies lots of our pork. You can also be sure what you're buying.

Meat can go from farm to fork in less than a week and every chop, steak or joint can be traced back to a farm mere miles from a customer’s house – you can’t get more local than that. 

"When a side of meat comes through the door we know everything about it which is why we have such a top quality product."

Butchery Manager Dave Chown


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