New technologies


When we develop any of our outlets, our team are always looking for opportunities to make the building more energy efficient.

Outside, we have solar panels fitted to the roofs of nine of our food stores to help reduce our carbon footprint, while inside we use lots of different eco-friendly measures to save energy.

We now only install energy efficient LED lighting throughout our stores including adding movement sensors in backroom areas so that the lights won't come on unless they have to.

At all of our new-build food stores, we’ve also invested in special fridges which recycle energy.

This means heat usually wasted in the refrigeration process is harnessed and fed back into the stores, keeping them at a comfortable temperature for the staff and customers.

Our newest initiative is introducing sliding doors on the chilled cabinets which is currently being trialled at our food stores in Riseholme Road in Lincoln, Newbridge Hill in Louth, Scotter and Crowle. The sliding doors keep the cold air within the cabinet so less energy is needed to keep it cool.

All our new builds also feature a Building Management System that acts as brain for the store. It regulates the heating, refrigeration and lighting – turning the lights and heating on when the alarm is deactivated in the morning and reducing lighting levels on the shop floor to 50 per cent out of trading hours.

Monitoring our energy use has been made a lot easier thanks to Smart Meters which are fitted in all of our stores. The data from these meters let us know how much energy we are using, where it is being used and at what time. The machines are so accurate, our team can tell when the first member of staff arrives in a food store and turns the lights on! This information will help us build up a picture of the energy we use and is the first step to helping us reduce it over time.


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